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Blockchain enabled Traceability System
Farm to Export Consignment

About GrapeNet

GrapeNet is an internet based Certification and traceability software system, for monitoring fresh grapes exported from India to the European Union. No document can be issued without going through the software. Finally and most importantly, APEDA can trace details of the consignment right up to the plot level. Now it has been made more secure with blockchain integration.


  • State Government Horticulture/Agriculture
  • Accredited Laboratories
  • Agmark
  • Pack houses
  • Phyto-sanitary Certification Departments
  • National Referral Laboratory (NRL)

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About GrapeNet

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Blockchain enabled Traceability System Farm to Export Consignment

APEDA is a pioneer in implementing traceability systems in India. For the first time in India, a traceability system was set up for establishing consignment to farm traceability, GrapeNet for fresh grapes exported from India to European Union during 2006-08.

GrapeNet was the solution APEDA developed to a major crisis that hit Indian grapes sector. India, a major exporter of Grapes to Europe for a number of years, was suddenly faced with serious threat of nearing a ban, due to pesticide residues. Consignments were held up at the ports, exporters faced huge financial losses and India’s position as a quality fresh product supplier was under threat.

The first task was to put in place, a Government of India regulation, clearly spelling out the procedures to be followed by all stake holders in the Grapes Sector, training them to fulfill the requirements of the regulation, co-opting the monitoring agencies in the Government and Private Sector and generating the necessary documentation trail for the importers.

Then it was taken up to IT enable the regulation, compliance and monitoring. Thus was born, GrapeNet, a first of its kind in India, covering all stakeholders in the grapes export supply chain including Farmers, exporters, State Government Horticulture/Agriculture departments, Accredited Laboratories, Agmark, Pack houses, Phyto-sanitary Certification Departments, National Referral Laboratory (NRL), APEDA, etc., through a centralized web-based monitoring software.

During the seasons from 2007 to till date every consignment that went from India to European Union was monitored through this system. Today GrapeNet covers 40,000 plus farmers, 100 plus packing houses, 100 plus exporters, 20 plus laboratories and 32 district-level state government officials.

GrapeNet has been widely recognized and won National E-governance Award (GOLD) in 2007-08 and eASIA award 2009.

National E-governance Award (GOLD)

won National E-governance Award (GOLD) in 2007-08

eASIA award

won eASIA award in 2009

Residue Monitoring Plan(RMP)

Monitoring of residue levels of agro chemicals permitted for use by the Central Insecticide Board and Registration Committee (CIB&RC) for fresh grapes is a major concern. It is essential that adequate monitoring through proper surveillance should be in place to eliminate the possibility of detection/presence of the residues of agro chemicals and any other contaminants in fresh grapes in excess of prescribed levels of the importing countries. Accordingly, it is necessary to check/verify agro chemicals used in the cultivation of fresh grapes exported to the European Union (EU) as well as other countries following food safety norms. It is also essential to grade the fresh table grapes according to the Agmark standards before issue of the Phyto Sanitary Certificate (PSC).